KUSH Mascara | Milk Makeup

Let’s talk about the new Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup and how it performed on my lashes.

Mascara is one of the very few makeup products that I use daily. My ideal mascara should keep my lashes curled, doesn’t flake, and rinses off easily. My outer lashes are shorter than my inner lashes, and they all go straight out which can be frustrating when trying to achieve any lash look.


The Kush Mascara  from Milk Makeup claims to condition your lashes using hemp derived from cannabis oil. This formula is Vegan, and contains heart-shaped fibers that lock onto lashes to add width and length for long-lasting volume, and curl. The brush is intended to lift and define, without clumps.

Retails for $24, but if you want to try it before spending that extra cash, the travel size is only $12! You can purchase on the Milk Makeup site, and in Sephora stores.


I used the Kush mascara for two weeks.

As mentioned above, I really like a mascara that holds the curl of my lashes throughout the day. The Kush mascara just doesn’t do that for me. I used my lash curler before applying, as I do with all mascaras, but my lashes went flat just after an hour. This formula is wet, and may be too heavy for my lashes which may have caused my lashes to flatten. The brush is tree-shaped, dense and fluffy. The packaging feels heavy, in the luxurious sense.

Pros: Darkens lashes. Adds length. Easy to remove. Doesn’t clump.

Cons: Does not hold curl. Not enough volume (for me).

Drugstore alternative is the e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara. It’s Vegan, and the brush is tree shaped much like the Kush mascara. Also, it’s only $3!

Final Thoughts

The Kush Mascara is ideal for someone with long lashes, that naturally curl. Great mascara if you’re looking for a vegan alternative. I love the ingredients and brush, but my lashes seem to disagree. 




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