Jojoba Oil

If you are on a hunt for a multi purpose oil, then I recommend trying Jojoba Oil! Jojoba Oil is a multi purpose oil that is non pore clogging, and super beneficial.


I purchased this Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil on Amazon for $10. I love this bottle of jojoba oil because it is unrefined and cold pressed. This allows all the great benefits of the oil to penetrate your hair and skin. The application is made easy thanks to the dropper the bottle comes with. It’s mess free, and travel friendly.


How to apply:


To use as a facial cleanser: I apply a generous amount in the palm of my hand and massage in circular motions into my face. I let stand for 10-15 minutes, and then I dampen a cotton pad and wipe the oil off my face. This method is great as a mild exfoliator too because the cotton pad acts as an abrasive. Jojoba oil is perfect for using on your face because it will not clog your pores, as coconut oil might.

To scalp massage: Apply the oil on the tips of your fingers, and massage through dry hair. Leave in for a day or you can wash it after the oil has absorbed in your scalp for about 15 minutes.

To use as a hair treatment: Jojoba oil can be applied to dry and wet hair. Simply comb the oil through using your fingers, and avoiding your scalp if you plan on styling your hair. I usually apply the oil to my ends to add shine to any hair style.

I love using jojoba oil! It has easily become my go to oil for just about all my beauty needs. Comment below and let me know what oil is your favorite.

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