Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I will share my favorite Coastal Scents Hot Pots shades. I have over 12 shade’s from Coastal Scents, but today I will review my top 12 favorite!



Chocolatier is a dark chocolate brown shade that glides smoothly. Great shade to enhance your crease line. Finish: Matte


Barista is a subtle matte medium warm brown shade works great as a transition shade for the crease. Finish: Matte

Chamois Nude

Chamois Nude is a beige nude, with yellow undertones. Perfect for the brow bone! Finish: Matte

Oatmeal Tan

Oatmeal Tan is my favorite transition crease shade. It’s a beautiful burnt orange shade, that blends seamlessly with medium to tan skin tones. Finish: Matte

New Penny

New Penny is a blend of copper and gold. Insane pigmentation with just one swipe. This shade is great for an all over the lid look. Finish: Shimmer

Flesh tone

Flesh Tone is a beautiful pale beige with gold shimmer. This is my go to shade for the waterline, and center of the eyelid. Now labeled as Nectar on Coastal Scents website. Finish: Shimmer

Raisin Berry

Raisin Berry is beautiful maroon color with a touch of of shimmer. I use this shade in my crease, and on my lower eyelid’s. Perfect for a touch of color with a smokey eye look. Finish: Shimmer

Regalia Purple

Regalia Purple is an intense midnight purple hue with a hint of blue. This shade is perfect for a sultry eye look. Finish: shimmer

Baked Clay

Baked Clay is a red orange shade with great pay off. Finish: Matte

Light Apricot

Light Apricot is a pinkish peach sheer shade. I love to use this shade all over my lids for a quick eye brightener. Finish: Shimmer

Bright Copper

Bright Copper is a rich metallic copper with a hint of peach. This shade has incredible pay off. Finish: Shimmer

Deep Cantaloupe

Deep Cantaloupe is a warm orange/yellow golden hue. This shade is just marvelous. It’s super pigmented and eye opening. Finish: Shimmer


These are all 12 shades in their interchangeable palette. Coastal Scents sells custom palettes so you can build your own perfect bunch. I have two sets of 12 interchangeable shadow palettes. They’re perfect for everyday use, and travel. Each individual Hot Pot is $1.95, but Coastal Scents usually has a sale. I’ve bought many shadow pots at 50% off!

Pros: 100’s of shades to choose from. They come in many different finishes.

Cons: Not every shade has as much pigmentation. The only Coastal Scents black shade is Gun Metal, but it is streaky and not pigmented.

Thank you for for taking time out of your day to read my review!


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