Beauties on Fire Collab


Beauties on Fire is a group of incredible beauty and fashion bloggers, that come together each month to create a new theme voted via twitter. This wonderful group was created by Elisabeth Foust, the creator of Everything and Nothin’. I am over the top excited to join this group of extraordinary women!

Below is an introduction to my blog, November Glow, and a bit of information about yours truly. 🙂

1. Tell us a little about your blog and why you decided to start blogging

My name is Jessenia and welcome to November Glow!

My blog hosts reviews on skin care products for all skin types, high end and drugstore makeup products, and hair products for my curly Q’s. I decided to create my blog because I genuinely enjoy trying new products. I love to research what’s trending each season in beauty, and I enjoy finding out what products work best for my skin and hair type.

Over the past two years I have noticed a gradual change in my skin, mostly on my face. According to my dermatologist, I have developed dermatitis and mild rosacea. In case you are wondering, both rosacea and dermatitis are  inflammatory skin disorders that cause redness, and itching. Having such skin disorders makes finding the best products for my skin troublesome, but encourages me to try new products in a constant search for effective products that complement my sensitive skin.

Testing products on myself has been like riding a roller coaster – exciting yet frightening. Our skin is constantly changing, and that is why I believe it is important to try new products. It’s also a great excuse to buy more makeup!

2. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging during the month of November in 2016. I am still very new to everything in this industry, so if you have any tips and tricks feel free to comment below. 🙂

3. Do you consider yourself a fashion blogger, beauty blogger, or both?

I am definitely a beauty blogger. Growing up I was fashion obsessed, but as I grew older I gravitated toward makeup. As I went off to college I started experimenting with different makeup looks, and hairstyles. Fashion is still a part of my life, but my passion is makeup and skin care. Makeup allows me to become an artist. My face is a canvas.

4. List 3 things you love to do besides blogging

  1. Dancing
  2. Creating music playlists
  3. Building memories with my loved ones

5. What style of makeup do you enjoy the most: Natural, Trendy, Glamorous? Show us some of your best looks. Also, what is one beauty product you can’t live without and why.

I love it all! But my go to makeup style is more natural. Which makes sense to me because the beauty product I can not live without is concealer. I have to cover my under eye darkness, and  facial redness. Concealer is the ultimate quick fix! 

Here are a few of my favorite looks!

img_0493 jess img_0501


Thank you for stopping by, and getting to know me. Remember to visit all the awesome bloggers in the Beauties on Fire community! Thank you Elisabeth for making such an innovative group!



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