e.l.f.| Radiant Gel Lip Tint


Do you ever just want a bit of color on your lips to get that “put together” look? Well, a lip tint may be the way to go! Below is my review of e.l.f.’s Radiant Gel Lip tint.


This lip tint is suppose to hydrate your lips, while adding a tint of color, and a dewy glisten.


I have the radiant gel lip tint in the shade Red Orange Wash.


Above is just one application of the e.l.f. lip stain.

Overall, this e.l.f. lip stain is no go for me. I am usually a huge fan of e.l.f. products, but this lip stain does not achieve what it claims. This product makes my lips feel like I just ate a cherry flavored popsicle. If you want simple lip color and hydration, just use your favorite lip balm.

Pros: Actually stains lips. Initial cooling effect. Unscented.

Cons: Very streaky. Taste’s sour. Dries down matte, not dewy.

Comment below and tell me what’s your favorite lip stain!


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